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Sakhalin’s FM stations received in Wakkanai

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There are monitoring list of Sakhalin’s FM stations that received in Wakkanai-city.
Date: Jul, 02 2011
Time: 12:45-16:00JST
RX:ATS-909X and DE1103

83.75 TV Sound
89.90 Russkoe Radio (Y.Sakhalinsk) Stereo
99.75 TV Sound
102.50 Europa Plus Sakhalin (Y.Sakhalinsk) (RDS: 102.5) Stereo
103.50 Mayak (Y.Sakhalinsk) Stereo
104.10 Europa Plus Sakhalin (Korsakov)
104.40 Love Radio (Y.Sakhalinsk) Stereo
104.80 GTRK Sakhalin *very weak
105.50 FM105.5 (Y.Sakhalinsk) Stereo
106.00 GTRK Sakhalin (Y.Sakhalinsk) Stereo
106.50 Dorozhnoe Radio (Y.Sakhalinsk) Stereo
107.00 Europa Plus Sakhalin *vary weak
107.60 GTRK Sakhalin (Korsakov)

Received sounds
・89.90MHz Russkoe Radio→
・102.50MHz Europa Plus Sakhalin →
・104.40MHz Love Radio→
・105.50MHz FM105.5→
・106.5MHz Dorozhnoe Radio→

DXing sound on Jun.20

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There are today’s DXing sound.
1548kHz ABC-4QD at 03:00JST (18:00UTC)