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Logging on Sep 27, 2007

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-0500- 1548kHz Voice of Russia. QRK3, QRM of unknown station.
VOR’s IS and ID in Russian. Maybe relay of TWR-Moldova.
Receiving sound is here.

Loggings on Sep 24,2007

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-0458- 1224kHz GTRK Khabarovsk.QRK2-3, QRM of NHK-Kanazawa. Local program from Khabarovsk, than relay of Radio Russii. //-153kHz.
Accroding from WRTH2007, it’s listed “Radio Shanson-Khabarovsk” on this frequency.
But not confirmed this. Is it replaced?

-0510- 738kHz Unknown commercial station in Vladivostok. QRK3.
Recording sound is here.

Loggings on Sep 23 2007

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Monitored around 0115 JST.

279kHz Radio Rossii(GTRK Buryat)QRK2
270kHz Radio Slovo QRK1-2
234kHz Radio Rossii(GTRK Irkutsk) QRK3
225kHz Radio Rossii(GTRK Yugoria) QRK1-2
216kHz Radio Rossii(GTRK Krasnoyarsk) QRK2
171kHz Radio Rossii(GTRK Novosibirsk) QRK2

RX: AOR AR7030plus ANT:303WA

Logging on Sep 19 2007

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-0303- 180kHz GTRK Kamchatka QRK3. Local news. Not relay the Radio Russii’s news programme from 03:00.

Tele snap (Part4)

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A special programme of 75th aniversary in Radio Republic Sakha.

(Picture from NVK-Sakha (i.e GTRK Sakha) via Express AM3 satellite on 11104VMHz at Dec. 3 2005)

Logging on Sep 9 2007

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-2000- 1224kHz Radio Rossii QRK2-3. The location is expected the Far East district.