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GTRK Sakhalin Korean Programme

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Now schedule of GTRK Sakhalin (Radio Sakhalin) ‘s Korean programme as;

Every saturday at 1115-1200 (0215-0300UTC) on 279kHz and FM.

Schedule of Voice of Mongolia on 990kHz

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Today, I monitored transmitter schedule of Voice of Mongolia (Overseas service) on 990kHz.

Now transmitter schedules are;

1730-1800 (0830-0900 UTC) Mongolian //-12085MHz
1800-1830 (0900-0930 UTC) Chinese //-12085MHz
1900-1930 (1000-1030 UTC) Mongolian //-12085MHz
1930-2000 (1030-1100 UTC) Chinese //-12085MHz

Special thanks to “DX BBS

Yumor FM-Vladivostok

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Yumor FM-Vladivostok on 1476kHz has cannot be received for several day’s mornings.
Is it off the transmission? or changed frequency?

Love Radio-Khabarovsk

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Love Radio-Khabarovsk cannot be received for several days.
GTRK Khabarovsk of the same frequency can be received.
Did Love Radio change the frequency? Or, did you stop?

Tele Snap (Part5)

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A live concert of Retro FM.

(Picture from Perviy Kanal-Asia on ABS-1 satellite 12578HMHz at 75East.)

Greetings for the New Year!

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I wish you a very happy and best DX-ing new year.

The photograph is today’s Teine Mt. in Sapporo.