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A day-time receiving Russian LW&MW stations in Wakkanai

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A day-time receiving Russian LW&MW stations in Wakkanai.

Date: Apr.26

Time: around 1500(JST)

RX: Sony ICF-SW77 (Not used to external antenna)

153kHz GTRK Khabarovsk S2-3

180kHz GTRK Kamchatka S1-2

234kHz GTRK Magadan S2

279kHz GTRK Sakhalin S5

531kHz AvtoRadio Sakhalin S4-5

576kHz Mayak S2-3

666kHz Mayak S1-2

720kHz Mayak S5

765kHz Radio Vostok S3

1575kHz Radio Yunost S5

↓AvtoRadio Sakhalin

Sakhalin’s FM stations received in Wakkanai

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There are monitoring list of Sakhalin’s FM stations that received in Wakkanai.

83.75MHz TV sound
99.75MHz TV sound
102.5MHz Europa Plus Sakhalin (Y.Sakhalinsk)
103.5MHz Mayak (Y.Sakhalinsk)
103.9MHz GTRK Sakhalin
104.1MHz Europa Plus Sakhalin (Korsakov)
105.5MHz FM105.5 (Y.Sakhalinsk)
106.0MHz GTRK Sakhalin (Y.Sakhalinsk)
107.6MHz GTRK Sakhalin (Korsakov)

A scanning movie are under.
Please see it.

RDS picture of Europa Plus-Sakhalin

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Today, I received Europa Plus Sakhalin on 102.5MHz in Wakkanai, Hokkaido.
Please to see this movie.

Released a new blog

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Today, I released a new blog. It’s called “DXing sounds in Sapporo” .
This is the DXing sound in Sapporo where I have lived. I welcomed thought and comment from you.

DXing sounds in Sapporo:

Radio Lemma moved to 784kHz

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Recently, Radio Lemma has moved to 784kHz.(ex-783kHz)

Recording sound as 19:00JST. Please click to player of under.

Outdoor receiving on 279kHz

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GTRK Sakhalin on 279kHz was received with the park of neighborhood.
RX Sangean ATS-909W. Time: 1330(JST).