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Radio Lemma (783kHz) back on today

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I checked today’s 06:00UTC on 783kHz.
It’s conformed back on the air of Radio Lemma.
Signal is good.

Logging on Jan 3

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Monitored around 18:00UTC (Jan 4. 03:00JST)

531kHz IRIB. S2-3. QRM/NHK-Morioka.
594kHz Mayak(Surgut) S2-3. QRM / NHK-Tokyo
675kHz UnID. 18:00 S1-2. National anthem and QRM / NHK.
684kHz IRIB. S2-3. QRM / carrier. //-531kHz, etc.
702kHz BBC Arabic. S1-2. Gong’s time signal. QRM / KCBS(N.Korea) //-720kHz
702kHz BSKSA(tent). S1. pips only. QRM / KCBS and others.
720kHz Radio Romania. S1-2. ID and news. QRM / KCBS and others.
720kHz BBC Arabic. S1-2 Gong’s time signal. QRM / KCBS and others. //-702kHz
738kHz Xinjiang PBS. S2. ID and closing ann. QRM / KBS1(S.Korea).
783kHz BSKSA. S2. Pips and news.
819kHz ERTU. S1-2. Quran prog. QRM / NHK-Nagano.
855kHz Radio Romania. S1-2. Pips and news. QRM / KCBS and others.
855kHz BSKSA(tent). S1-2. QRM / KCBS and others.
873kHz Radio Rossii. S2-3. QRM / KCBS.
990kHz Radio Sawa (Cyprus) S3-4. Arabic pop music.
999kHz Voice of Russia (Moldova). Russian pro. S2-3. QRM / Liaoning EBS.
1026kHz UnID. S1-2. 03:00 QRM / NHK.
1098kHz BSKSA(tent) S1. Pips only. QRM / carrier.
1107kHz UnID. S2-3. Sound likely in Pashto. Radio Afghanistan?
1143kHz Mayak. S2. IS and pips. QRM / Taiwan Yuyeh.
1152kHz Radio Romania. S2-3. ID and news. //-855kHz.
1188kHz Radio San’a. S2. Music and pips. QRM / NHK-Kitami.
1251kHz IRIB. S1-2. QRM / Side of 1242kHz(JOLF). //-531kHz, etc.
1287kHz KGR-1. S1-2. National anthem of Kyrgyzstan. QRM / Chinese st.
1296kHz Radio Free Afghanistan. S2-3. QRM / NHK-Matsue.
1377kHz TWR-Armenia. S3-4.
1413kHz BBC-Oman. S3-4.
1548kHz ABC 4QD. S1-2. ABC National news. QRM / VOR.

783kHz Radio Lamma is stoped?

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Seasons Greeting!

Since Jan.1, Radio Lamma(Vladivostok) on 783kHz can not received in Sapporo.

I think that stopped using on MW.