Logging on Jan.12

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Monitored around 03:00JST (18:00UTC)
864 TWR-Armemia (tent). QRK2-3 Talk by OM. QRM / carrier.
999 Voice of Russia-RKS, Moldova relay. QRK2-3, IS and opening ann. QRM / NHK and Liaoning PBS.
1107 UnID Arabic. QRK2, Talk by YL. QRM / HLAV and China st.
1377 TWR-Armemia. QRK3-4, IS and Opening ann.

Monitored around 04:00JST (19:00UTC)
801 KTWG, Guam (tent). QRK2-3, Talk by OM. QRM / HBC?
819 ERTU. QRK2, Talk by OM. QRM / NHK-Nagano.
855 ABC 4QO or 4QB (tent). QRK1, Theme of ABC National news. Heavy QRM of R.Pyongyang.
1548 ABC 4QD. QRK2, ABC National News. QRM / TWR Moldova.

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