Logging on Jan.22

Filed under Loggings (LW-MW)

Monitored around 04:00JST (19:00UTC)

630 DZMM. QRK2-3, Music, ID at 0400.
639 VOIRI. QRK1-2, Talk by OM, //-702kHz. QRM / NHK and STV.
693 Radio Rossii (Yazykovo, BA), News. Not Visti FM. QRM / Shaaxi PBS.
990 Radio Sawa, Cyprus. QRK1-2, Arabic music. QRM / NHK and more.
999 DW Moldova relay. QRK1-2, Opening. QRM / NHK and Liaoning EBS.
1251 IRIB. QRK2, Music, //-747kHz. QRM / Chinese st.
1377 IRIB. QRK2-3, Music, //-1251kHz. No QRM.
1512 AFN Korea. QRK1-2, News. QRM / Philippine st. and Chinese(?) st.
1548 Radio Sawa(tent) QRK1-2, Arabic music. QRM / TWR Moldova.
1611 Vatican Radio. QRK1-2, IS and ID.

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