Logging on Jan.30

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Monitored around 04:00JST (19:00UTC)

171 Medi1(tent). QRK2-3, Arabic talk by OM. No QRM of Radio Rossii. Sound as click to here.
540 IRIB. Very weak, Koran prog. //-747kHz. Heavy QRM of NHK and CPBS.
594 IRIB. Very weak, Koran prog. //-747kHz. Heavy QRM of NHK-JOAK.
612 ABC-4QR(tent). Very weak, Only hear of ABC National news’s theme. QRM / NHK-JOLK.
630 UnID. QRK1-2, Arabic talk by OM. QRM / ABC-4QN and more.
639 VOIRI. QRK1-2, //-702kHz. QRM / NHK and STV.
702 VOIRI. QRK3-4, ID and Turkish talk by OM. QRM / BBC Oman.
720 IRIB. QRK-2-3, Koran Prog. //-747kHz. QRM / BBC Cyprus.
747 IRIB. QRK3, Koran prog. QRM / HLKH.
756 Radio Romania. QRK2-3, Pips than news. QRM / NHK and more.
765 IRIB. Very weak. Koran prog. //-747kHz. QRM / YBC and more.
774 IRIB. QRK1-2, Koran prog. //-747kHz. QRM / MBC(S.Korea)
783 BSKSA. QRK3, News. QRM / IRIB(//-747kHz)
819 ERTU(tent). QRK2-3, Arabic talk by YL. QRM / NHK-JONK.
873 IRIB. QRK1-2, Koran prog. //-747kHz. QRM / R.Pyongyang.
900 IRIB. QRK1-2, Koran prog. //-747kHz. QRM / HBC and more.
918 UnID. Very weak, used Arabic? QRM / YBC and more.
936 UnID. very weak, used Arabic? QRM / ABS and more.
990 Radio Sawa-Cyprus. QRK3-4, Arabic music.
999 DW-Moldova. QRK1-2, Opening ann. QRM / NHK and Liaoning Economic Radio.
1017 IRIB. QRK2-3, Koran prog. //-747kHz. Almost no QRM.
1251 IRIB. QRK3-4, Koran prog. //-747kHz. QRM / Chinese st.
1377 IRIB. QRK1-2, Koran prog. //-747kHz. QRM / carrier.
1539 R.Aap Ki Duniyaa. QRK3-4, VOA(?) English news from 04:00JST.
1548 ABC-4QD. QRK2-3, ABC National News. QRM / TWR Moldova.

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