Logging on Feb.4

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Monitored around 04:00JST (19:00UTC)

630 ABC-4QN. QRK1-2, ABC national news. QRM / Koran stn.
693 UnID. QRK1-2, 0400s.off? Sound as click to here.
756 Radio Romania. QRK2-3, ID, Pips, and news. QRM / NHK-JOGK.
774 ABC-3LO(tent). very weak, ABC national news. QRM / MBC(S.Korea)
783 BSKSA. QRK2-3, Pips and news. No QRM.
801 KTWG(tent) QRK1-2, English talk by OM. QRM / HBC.
819 ERTU(tent). QRK2, Talk by OM. QRM / JONK.
855 ABC. very weak, Theme of ABC national news. QRM / Radio Pyongyang.
873 Radio Rossii. QRK1-2, Pips and news. QRM / Radio Pyongyang.
891 ABC-5AN(tent). very weak, Theme of ABC national news. QRM / NHK-JOHK.

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